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Beaudry Loop, K-ROQ

Location : Verdugo Mountains, Los Angeles

Total distance : 6.7 miles round-trip (loop)

Elevation gain : 1,476 ft

Peak elevation : 2,626 ft

Tree Cover : No tree cover while going up. Sunscreen highly recommended.

Parking : Free street parking near the trailhead.

Trailhead : Click here

Satellite map :                

Click on the image for an interactive map


Terrain map :                

Click on the image for an interactive map

Hollywood sign hike topo map

Start your hike at this location as shown in the picture. Continue up the paved road and past the gate. In summer months it gets hot later in the day so it is a good idea to start as early as you can.

A few minutes on this trail will bring you to the Beaudry Motorway fork. If you keep left you go on to Beaudry South motorway, keeping right takes you on to Beaudry North motorway. South trail(left) is longer so overall the climb must be gentler even though there are some sections where it is very steep. On our way back we can come down from the right(Beaudry North) completing the loop.

Continue left on the Beaudry South Motorway till you reach the radio tower you see in the picture. The trail gets very steep after this with some downward slopes occasionally providing some relief. Take you time while going up and enjoy the view. This trail is not shaded so in summer months it is a good idea to start early before it gets hot.

We'll hit two peaks on this hike - Mt. Thom and Tongva peak, which is the highest point on this hike. Fitness tip for today- Drink plenty of water the day before, especially in hot months, this helps you stay hydrated during the hike. It also helps to refrain from drinking coffee or alcohol for a day or two before the hike as they are both diuretics.

The first radio tower you see in the picture is atop Mt.Thom. The next set of radio towers you see are at Tongva peak. Today's fun fact is about the world famous K-ROQ. If you live in Los Angeles then chances are you already know K-ROQ FM. Most other FM stations in Los Angeles have their transmitters located on Mt.Wilson. But Kay-Rock's transmitter is atop Tongva peak, which is our destination on this hike.

On your way back from the peak keep right to stay on Beaudry Motorway North and to head back to the trailhead. There are signs posted in a couple of places that'll help you stay on the correct trail. Checkout the maps above while planning your hike.

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