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Court House Towers

Location : Arches National Park, Utah

Total distance : Less than 2 miles round-trip (out and back)

Net elevation gain : 320 ft

Peak elevation : 4,731 ft

Tree Cover : No tree cover. Sunscreen highly recommended.

Parking : Limited parking area near the trailhead.

Trailhead : Click here :

Landmark : Hike starts near the parking at the trailhead

Satellite map :                

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Terrain map :                

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Hollywood sign hike topo map

This is a moderate hike with about 2 miles of roundtrip along the bottom of the canyon. Like any other trail in this area this also is not a flat trail but the elevation changes aren't too much. But do not let that fool you into thinking it comes with no risk. On hot days it can get really hot and make sure to drink a gallon of water a day to be safe. Heatstroke and heat illnesses are a common issue among hikers in this area. On hot days wear light colored clothing so as to stay cool.

Credit NPS : Along the trail you may notice patches of black crust on the ground. Known as "biological soil crust", it's a mixture of cyanobacteria, mosses, lichens, fungi and algae. These remarkable plants provide seedbeds for other plants, absorb moisture, produce nutrients, and help prevent erosion. In its developmental stages, it's nearly invisible.

The crust is so fragile that one footstep can wipe out years of growth. Please stay on designated trails to protect the living soil.
Balanced rocks (Like the one in the recommended hikes below), giant grand monolithic rocks can be seen on the way from the trailhead to the destination.

These impressive balanced rocks are a natural marvel that are formed due to erosion. With time the faster eroding rock that supports the boulder gives in causing the collapse of this marvel. As a stark contrast to these humungous rocks are the seemingly insignificant bacteria, mosses, fungi and lichens. But we now know that they hold the desert sand together and act as seedbeds that in turn help with plant growth - a rare resource in a place like this.

Take in the views, appreciate the opportunity to experience something much bigger than us and draw inspiration from them. Most times during the day this area is shaded and good for spending time with friends and family.

Cairns are a pile/stack of stones that are meant to mark a place or a path. Look for these markers on this hike and others in Arches/Canyonlands National park and let them guide you. Some times random cairns are built by visitors so use caution while following them. I hope you visit this place and get inspired. Stay safe, happy hiking!

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Balanced Rock

Mesa Arch

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