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Green River Overlook

Location : Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Total distance : 1 mile round-trip (out and back)

Net elevation gain : 30 ft

Peak elevation : 6,028 ft

Tree Cover : No tree cover. Sunscreen highly recommended.

Parking : Parking area near the trailhead.

Trailhead : Click here(

Landmark : Hike starts near the parking at the trailhead

Satellite map :                

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Terrain map :                

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Hollywood sign hike topo map

Not far from the historic Aztec Butte ( and spectacular Mesa Arch( is Green
River Overlook. The overlook is at 6,000 ft, not very different from the above mentioned sites.

The overlook is situated between the two rivers Colorado river and Green river which merges with Colorado river shortly after.

There is not much vegetation around here as one would guess. Most of the vegetation here is just shrubs and bushes that have adapted to survive these extremes that can go from 0 F in winters to 94 F in summers. Some plants have small, spiny leaves that decrease the impact of solar radiation.

One type of plants that do not grow in desert climate is moss. Yet, you may find moss here because of their ability to return to life when it rains.

The little protruding rock in the middle of the picture is called Cleopatra's chair. It is a prominent skyline feature composed of Navajo Sandstone. Located in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

During good warm months there are water activities such as boating available in the Green River. Whether you are hiking alone or with company I hope you have enjoy the views. Stay safe and HikeForFunAndFitness!

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