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Waterman Mountain Hiking Trail

Location : San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest

Total distance : 5.8 miles round-trip (out and back)

Elevation gain : 1,500 ft

Peak elevation : 8,000 ft

Tree Cover : Thick tree cover. Sunscreen highly recommended.

Parking : Parking lot near the trailhead. 

Trailhead : Click here

Satellite map :                

Click on the image for an interactive map


Terrain map :                

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Hollywood sign hike topo map

Once you park your car in the parking lot near the trailhead walk a bit further until you reach the Buckhorn Day Use sign. At this point cross the road to reach the trailhead.
To park in this parking lot you will need an adventure pass. Adventure passes can be obtained from several places such as REI or other sporting goods stores.

Walk up the trailhead for a few minutes until you reach a fork. This will be the first of the two forks that are important on this hike. Keep left here to continue the hike on Waterman trail and reach the peak via the shorter route.

Stay on this trail for about two miles. There are lot of
vista points and plenty of shade all along the way to take breaks. You can even see Mt.Wilson from one of the vista points to your left while hiking up.

We started the hike around 6 am in June and the weather was nice and not hot. By the time we reached the peak around 8:30 am it was windy and chilly as most other peaks.Usually there is no snow on these trail after May.

After around 2 miles from the parking lot you will see another fork and this time keep right to continue onto Mt.Waterman. Once you see the fork you are at 3/4th of a mile from the peak. It gets a bit steeper after this so slow down and enjoy the change
in scenery.

If you are a beginner hiker it is very important to slow down and try to do some other hikes that are at a lower altitude to make this experience more enjoyable. I hope you enjoy your hike. Stay fit, stay healthy and come back for more.

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