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Zuma Ridge Trail

Location : Zuma Ridge Trail, Santa Monica Mountains

Total distance : 5.8 miles round-trip (out and back)

Elevation gain : 1,400 ft

Peak elevation : 1,800 ft

Tree Cover : No tree cover. Sunscreen recommended.

Parking : Parking lot near the trailhead. 

Trailhead : Click here

Satellite map :                

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Terrain map :                

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Hollywood sign hike topo map

There is a small parking lot at the trailhead which can host a handful of cars, so please be considerate towards other hikers and carpool if you can.

Start the hike at Zuma Ridge Trailhead as shown in the picture. It is about 2.8 miles to Zuma Ridge. So 5.6 miles out-and-back
roundtrip. Walk past the iron gate and get ready to enjoy the beautiful blue ocean views.

We started our hike early in the morning at 7:30 and it took us about an hour-and-a-half to reach the top. Don't expect to see a sign at the peak. When the trail starts going down that's when you have reached the end of this hike.

The hike starts on a fireroad and all along there are trails branching off the fireroad but stay on the fireroad for the entire hike. It can get very confusing if you veer off the main trail.

Continue past the Zuma motorway signs and enjoy the views of the valley. You get to see lots of jack rabbits early in the morning before they get crowded.

This trail climbs about 1400 ft and it is a more or less constant climb so take your time while going up. Also keep an eye out for the bikers you share the trail with. I hope you enjoy your hike. Stay fit, stay healthy and come back for more.

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