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Hollywood sign from Sunset Ranch

Location : Griffith park, Los Angeles

Total distance : About 3 miles round-trip (out and back) from the trailhead. Plus about 0.5 - 1 mile roundtrip depending on where you park. The earlier you get there, the closer to the trailhead you can park. 

Elevation gain : About 1300 ft

Peak elevation : 1,708 ft

Tree Cover : No tree cover. Sunscreen recommended.

Parking : Street parking on N Beachwood drive. 

Trailhead : Sunset Ranch parking lot, click here

Landmark : You have to go through a brown gate to get to the trailhead.


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Hollywood sign hike topo map

Detailed directions : Park your car on Beachwood Dr. You can

pick up drinks or food for your hike from Beachwood market.

          Continue on Beachwood Dr until you reach

Sunset Ranch, you will see a brown gate through which

you enter to get to the trailhead. You will see this right

after you enter the gate:

 You will see Sunset Ranch board once you enter the gate,  just before the parking lot for those who have a  reservation.

    Beachwood Dr continues ahead.Turn right

to go on to Hollyridge trail. Stay on Hollyridge

trail for about 0.3 miles to go on to Mulholland trail.

   Look for this sign and pass it to continue on to Mulholland trail. 

    You will reach this point from the left,

make a U-turn and continue climbing. If you

go straight you will go towards

Griffith observatory. 

You get the best views of Hollywood sign on this trail at this point, so don't miss it. 

On most days you can see horses on this trail.

Oh that reminds me this trail is very smelly

because of horse dung. 

  Turn left on Mulholland Hwy. (If you turn right you go to the Griffith observatory.) Walk for another 0.4 miles to get to Mt.Lee Dr intersection. It is easy identify this intersection, Hollyridge trail is a dirt path and Mt.Lee Dr is paved. Turn right on Mt.Lee Dr and walk for 0.9 miles to get to the sign.

     Once you are on Mt.Lee Dr you will see

the memorial stone, trail directions and a 

fence when you are close to the peak.    

Once you are at the peak you will see the iconic Hollywood sign from behind. stone, trail directions and a fence when you are close to the peak.    

On the right you see Cahuenga peak which is taller

than Mt.Lee (the one with the Hollywood sign) by about 110 ft.

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