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Maricopa Trail - Ojai

Location : Ojai

Total distance : Less than a mile round-trip (loop) 

Tree Cover : Very little tree cover present,

Sunscreen recommended

Parking : Street parking at the trailhead. 

Trailhead : Click here

​Detailed directions : The hike starts at the Maricopa trailhead, click here for the location of the hiking trail. Park your car on the street and continue past the wooden fence as you can see in the picture. Follow the trail and walk along the fence in the park. This is a very easy hike/walk that is very good for beginners. The trail goes in a loop around a small pond with some Mallards and other wildlife including Jack Rabbits, Turkey Vultures, Killdeer and Black Phoebe. This is your online SoCal hiking guide, subscribe or follow us on Instagram,Youtube for more updates. 

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