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How to maintain ion balance hiking on a hot day?

If you are hiking on a hot day everyone knows consuming electrolytic drinks is a must to stay hydrated and regain the salts that we lose when we sweat. But did you know drinking lime/lemon juice is a healthier alternative? Well you do now. If it is one of your new year resolutions to stay healthy, fit and eat fresh try this out next weekend.

1) Nutritional value

Both lime and lemon have vitamin B, C, minerals including Calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and zinc. All these minerals and vitamins are very very important for proper functioning of our body. One of the reasons we feel tired and dizzy after a run or a hike on a hot day is because we lose these important minerals in sweat and the ion balance is upset. These are enough reasons already to give this a try.

2) Top 3 health benefits

Vitamin C boosts immunity :

Not only does Vitamin C enhance the immune system, it is also a powerful antioxidant and helps lower blood pressure in case of hypertension and balances the blood pH.

Re-hydrate and feel refreshed :

It just doesn't re-hydrate you, it does more than that. It replenishes the essential minerals in your body and makes you feel refreshed and more energetic.

Improves digestion, stimulates river :

Fiber in lime/lemon help improve digestion. It also provides relief from stomach pain, helps purify and stimulate liver.

3) Recipe

Preparation time is only a few minutes.

Microwave whole lime/lemon for 20 seconds to make it easy to squeeze. Cut into halves or quadrants and squeeze with hand, remove the seeds. Add salt/sugar and water to taste.

Refrigerate the juice for an hour so it remains cold when you hike.

Tip : add less water than you think you will need, refrigerate the juice. Just before you leave from home add some ice cubes so its still cold and fresh when you start your hike.

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