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Tokopah Falls Hike

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Location : Sequoia National Park

Total distance : 3.4 miles round-trip (out and back) 

Elevation gain : About 600 ft

Peak elevation : 7,408 ft

Tree Cover : Partial tree cover. Sunscreen recommended.

Parking : Parking lot near Lodgepole Village & Market. 

Trailhead : Tokopah trailhead click here

Landmark : The trailhead is near a wooden bridge next to the overflowing parking lot near the Lodgepole Village & Market.

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Detailed directions : Park your car in either the main or the overflow parking lot and look for the wooden bridge as shown in the picture. 

Tokopah trailhead is just few feet beyond the bridge.

Note : No dogs or bicycles allowed on the trail.

          Start your hike at the trailhead. Tokopah waterfalls are about 1.7 miles from the trailhead. Starting altitude is about 6,800 ft. Tokopah trail runs along the Marble Fork Kaweah river. You can see mormots and chipmunks (pictures in gallery below) running around or hiding between the rocks .

         The 1.7 mile hike leads to the Tokopah falls - the biggest waterfall in Sequoia park. There is some boulder hopping involved so watch your step to avoid rolling your ankles. This hike is neither too easy nor difficult. Don't let the 3.4 miles fool you into thinking it is easy - walking/hiking at 6,800 ft is not as easy as walking at sea level. But the gorgeous scenery on the way to the falls makes you forget all the pain and I definitely recommend this hike.

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