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Walker Canyon Loop Hike

Hollywood sign hike topo map

Location : Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore

Total distance : 5 miles round-trip (loop)

Elevation gain : 600 ft

Peak elevation : 1,860 ft

Tree Cover : No tree cover. Sunscreen highly recommended.

Parking : Street parking on Walker Canyon Road. 

Trailhead : On Lake Street, click here

Landmark : At the intersection of Lake Street and Walker Canyon Road.

Note: Watch out for Rattle snakes. 

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Note : If you are planning to hike just for the flowers then you've got to wait till the poppy bloom that happens once a year around March. Even otherwise this is a great mid-level hike. Go with a buddy because chances are you will be the only one hiking in non-bloom time. 

Detailed directions : Park your car on Walker Canyon Road and start hiking up the Lake Street.

At 0.8 miles from the trailhead Lake Street forks, keep right and continue past the power tower. Continue on this unnamed trail for 1.4 miles. Enjoy the views on the way.

At 2.5 miles from the trailhead, turn right to continue onto Hill Top Drive trail. Stay on Hill Top Drive trail for another 1.5 miles.

Watch-out for rattle snakes on the trail. Its a good idea to go in a group and know what to do if a rattle snake bites.

At a total distance of 4 miles from the trailhead turn right onto Walker Canyon road. As you are nearing Walker Canyon road you will be able to see freeway 15. Once you are on Hill Top Drive trail it is mostly descent so you can pick up pace.

Once you are on Walker Canyon road 80% of the hike is done. Walk for a mile to get back to the parking space. This trail is also great for running. The slopes are moderate, views are decent and its not crowded most of the year.

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