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Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook Hike

Location : Baldwin Hills, Culver City

Total distance : 1.35 miles round-trip (loop). 

Elevation gain : 400 ft

Peak elevation : 400 ft

Tree Cover : No tree cover. Sunscreen recommended.

Parking : Street parking on Jefferson Blvd. Paid parking in the parking lot near Visitor Center.

Trailhead : On Jefferson Blvd, click here

Landmark : Look for "BALDWIN HILLS SCENIC OVERLOOK" sign.

Note : Dogs not allowed.

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Detailed directions : Park your car on Jefferson Blvd. and start your hike at the trailhead, shown in this picture.

   Take the trail on the left and continue on the trail, you will read the peak in about 0.35 miles. 

This is the first look of the stairs you are about to climb. It is a good workout, especially if you just started hiking. Eat a lot of carbs the night before, so you will have enough energy for the hike.

Enjoy the views from here before you start climbing. At 0.35 miles from the trailhead you will reach the peak. You could come back the same way to complete a 0.7 mile roundtrip hike. Or continue down the other way for 1 more mile, making it a 1.35 mile loop.

Continue on this trail, towards the visitor center (building shown in the picture).

At 500 Ft from the peak you will reach the Visitor Center building. You will see a parking lot on the left, at this point turn right on to Hetzler Rd. At 0.4 miles from the peak the road it not open to pedestrians, turn left and continue along the fence. 

At 0.5 miles from the peak, turn right on to the paved Rd, as shown in the picture. Continue on this road until you reach Jefferson Blvd. at 0.7 miles from the peak. Turn right on to Jefferson Blvd. and walk for a quarter mile to get to the trailhead. 

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