Llama hike - El Capitan

Location : El Capitan, Santa Barbara

Total distance : 1 mile round-trip (out and back) from the trailhead.  

Tree Cover : No tree cover. Sunscreen recommended.

Parking : Parking lot at trailhead, and street parking. This is restricted property, only for patrons. Contact (866) 352-2729 for more details.

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Detailed directions : This is a private property and access is restricted please call (866) 352-2729 for more details.

Hike starts at a trailhead near the market inside the compound. The first few minutes of the trail are steep but don't let that discourage you from completing the relatively easy and short hike wiht rewarding view of the coast at the end. 


Stay on the well maintained trail and keep right at the fork and do not go on to the paved road. You can see a wide variety of flowers including Dattura Inoxia, Wild Yellow Mustard and Daisies. Be on the lookout for any birds so you don't miss the Turkey Vulture and their beautiful red beaks. 

As you near the Llama farm you start seeing them in the green field running around trying to keep their distance from people. This farm offers a little bit of everything for all types of visitors. If you are comfortable with petting them they let you do that and carry lambs. Or you can see watch them from a safe distance or feed the grass that is available for free. You get to see goats, sheep and llamas in the farm.


Tip : if you would like to get close to the Llamas approach them alone with food in front of you in stretched hands. Stay calm and let them come to you, they are fearful creatures. 

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